" You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in
twenty sessions and have a completely new body
in thirty sessions "
                     Joseph Pilates

Customer Testimonials

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    Jennifer Fields
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    Jennifer Fields
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    Jennifer Fields
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    Paul Christian
After years of suffering with neck, back and shoulder pain I can now say my sleepless nights are over!
Kelly not only massages your problems away but comes up with a plan of action so you can help yourself at home doing exercises and pilates giving an all round treatment.
Kelly has been fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her, the help she has given me has been amazing and I would say has changed my life to one that is much more bearable. Thank you Kelly.

Denise Porter
When back and leg pains cut short my training for a half marathon Kelly quickly recognised the cause of my problems. She recommended a short course of sports massage which resulted in immediate relief. I followed her advice on stretching and now I am back enjoying pain-free running with improved flexibility. Through Kelly's help I also avoided having to use pain killers and doctors appointments. Thank you Kelly.

John Fletcher
I have osteoarthritis in both knees, the stiffness and pain was unbearable. I attended a Pilates class where Kelly was the tutor to improve my mobility.
Kelly suggested that I booked an appointment with her for a sports massage, after one massage the results were quite remarkable. I have continued to let Kelly massage my legs also my neck as I sustained whiplash as a result of a traffic collision.  I can now walk down the stairs without holding onto the handrail, before my first appointment I used it for support.
Kelly is always ready with a smile, encouragement and inspires me to keep active. She is such a dedicated person and goes the extra mile for her clients.
                                                                    Daphne Walker
I was initially very sceptical about the benefits of Pilates, but have found it very beneficial for helping me to stay mobile/active. The group dynamic is great and both instructors are first class. Each move is properly explained and I would recommend the classes to anyone.

​Keith Millard
"Since starting Pilates I feel a real difference in my body. My core is much stronger and my posture is better. As an avid runner who's prone to tight muscles from increased mileage, Pilates has certainly helped me manage these niggles. Kelly teaches with great clarity, gentle encouragement and a sense of fun. She has a depth of knowledge and has helped me understand my body. The individual attention received is outstanding! I leave each class feeling calm and happy and ready for my next run.

​                                            Gabby
Lively, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional, Kelly is simply the best Pilates teacher you'll find. I began Pilates with Kelly when I retired - Two and a half stone overweight, with lousy posture. To years on, i'm a stone and a half lighter and, with Kelly's help and advice, my posture is the best it's been for years. I feel toned, supple and full of energy. Her Pilates sessions are fun, challenging and full of clear advice and guidance ( I've learned so much about the workings of the muscles) while allowing each person to safely progress at their own pace. Whether or not you've tried Pilates, I certainly recommend Kelly's classes. 

                                                   Jane Fletcher
                                                                               Amazing Story

When standing or walking I had a constant sharp pain in my left buttock, hamstring and calf and the longer I stood or walked the worse the pain became. I was in agony most of the time and it would just intensify to the point that I could not;
Stand for more than 1-2 minutes without needing to lean or park my bum onto something….
Walk for more than 100meters without needing to lean or park my bum onto something….
Sleep properly, the pain would keep me awake…..

My case history
Sunday 10th August 2014-I woke up with severe back pains after spending Saturday up a ladder painting.
Next 2 days-spent in bed, I could not stand and every movement was agony.
The next week-spent off work.
Next four weeks-saw an osteopath and the pain eased a bit.
Rest of year-ongoing pains in left buttock, hamstring and calf.
January 2015-pains came back with a vengeance so straight back to the osteopath I went.
January to June 2015-I saw two Osteopaths, different doctors and a physiotherapist with no significant improvement. A MRI scan diagnosed me with a herniated disc, with a bulge causing impingement of the nerve root, resulting in my pain.

24th June 2015-Mr Shair “The surgeon” at Peterborough’s Orthopaedics & Spine Specialist Hospital informs me I need an operation, he was only really confirming what the other professionals, the wife, the parents had all told me “YOU NEED AN OP”  Hearing that news really knocked me for six.  It should go without saying that I did not want the op and all the risks that go with it. So in a last ditch effort to beat the op I made appointments to see a physiotherapist and a sports rehabilitation trainer.

4th August-this is the date I was booked in for my operation.

10th July-my first appointment with Kelly at The Body Rehab Clinic.

17th July-second appointment with Kelly at The Body Rehab Clinic.

23rd July-I had my pre operation checks at the hospital.

During my appointments at The Body Rehab Clinic in Desborough, Kelly Greensmith highlighted the fact my body was overcompensating for the herniated disc and therefore I was not standing straight and my posture was in an S shape (left to right). To rectify this she got me to raise my left shoulder whilst pushing my right hip over to the left; shoulders back and hold my core, and whilst under her keen supervision she got me to walk on the tread mill holding this position.
I felt  if I walked down the street  like this  everyone would look and point at the odd looking fella…….. But actually they wouldn’t because I was now standing and walking with giants; I was walking tall and holding a good posture. I was actually enjoying it, and for the first time this year I was walking pain free. I walked for 10-15 minutes on that treadmill and it felt pretty dam amazing…

Since that day I now walk 1 mile most mornings and 1-2 miles 2 or 3 times a week later in the day. For the first few walks both groins ached and felt odd and my pelvis area felt bruised, this was my body adapting to a correct posture. Seven weeks later I am still  pain free apart from the occasional spasm in my left buttock, this  lasts for just a few seconds and  happens a couple of times a week.
The walking combined with a 10 minute workout of exercises and stretches that Kelly prescribed for me to do 2-3 times a week has changed my life.

The point I would like to emphasise is Kelly’s skills prevented me having major back surgery and all the possible problems that can bring. I have total admiration for her passion, commitment and her approach to her work but an hour and half a week would not have gained the miraculous results achieved without me meeting her half way and putting in the effort in between treatment sessions. She is the professional who diagnosed my problem, and then shown me how to rectify it.
I have now regained a good natural posture and as long as I continue to maintain that, who knows if I will ever need the op… I will continue to see Kelly on an occasional basis to ensure I am still doing my exercises correctly and possibly progress on to some strengthening work.

I cannot praise and thank her enough neither can my wife and kids who unbeknown to me  were suffering in silence as Mr  snapping, snarling  grumpy pants was living amongst them and he wasn’t  particularly a nice person to be around. I am now assured by my family that Mr grumpy snappy snarly pants no longer lives with us…..

Cheers Kelly I owe you a very large Jack Daniels

Keith Bosworth