The Pilates Rehab Studio

The Pilates Rehab studio was forced to adapt with the changing times caused by the corona virus. We began running an online video subscription service for all our loyal customers at the beginning lockdown, and whilst this was an unbelievably difficult time for everyone, the online service worked extremely well. It allowed our customers to continue with their commitment and dedication to their pilates, yoga and fitness whilst being held up at home. Due to this success we decided to invest and create a professional website with the main focus around our online service, and therefore made the decision to expanded to the wider public.

Our online service offers a wide range of videos in Pilates, Yoga and also in our ‘Fit after 40’ zone which you can access at any time

Pilates Zone

Pilates Zone

We have a varied range of Pilates Videos to suit all abilities

  • Beginners to Pilates, Back Care and Pilates Rehab
  • Pilates Improvers – suitable for anyone with a minimum of 8 weeks experience within the beginners Pilates and feels ready to progress
  • Fitness Pilates – suitable for anyone who has progressed as far as they can within the Pilates improvers level and feel ready to be challenged further. This level is not suitable for anyone with injuries.

Hatha Yoga Zone

Hatha Yoga Zone

Within our Yoga Zone we have a variety of Hatha Yoga videos suitable for all abilities, with the emphasis on breath & body awareness and relaxation. Claire designs all her classes with combinations of gentle flows and static postures.

Fit after 40

Fitness Rehab Zone

These fitness videos are designed to cater for those looking to train safely and effectively.

You may have minor niggles or issues caused by the wonderful effects of ageing, and high impact and fast pace exercise can be very challenging on your body. We design all our fitness videos to cater for this, whilst hopefully making them enjoyable and challenging in the right way.

These videos are a complete mix of:

  • Low impact cardiovascular videos
  • Old school aerobics videos both basic and choreographed
  • Strength and conditioning videos to target and tone the whole body
  • Rehab videos to help with specific conditions

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