The Pilates Rehab Studio

At the Pilates Rehab Studio we aim to provide a safe training environment for everyone.  Whether you are rehabilitating from a previous injury, or looking to build a strong and mobile body, our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers will support you through your journey.

Pilates is a wonderful training programme that encourages you to move your body in as many planes and ranges of movement possible for you. Being fearless in movement is essential for everyone in living their best life. Pilates will not only build you a stronger and more mobile body, but it improves your balance, movement control and self-confidence.

Pilates is perfect everyone!

History of the Studio

The Pilates Rehab Studio opened in July 2018 as a Mat Pilates studio catering for 12 people per class.  However, during Covid the studio was forced to close for 9 months, and during this time we decided to take the risk and invest in changing the studio to a bespoke Reformer / Mat & Tower studio.

This was a major risk as we had to reduce our class sizes from 12 clients, to 6 in each class, but thankfully it has paid off. Since re-opening our doors in April 2021 the studio has been extremely successful. Our existing clients have embraced the new reformers and their individual progressions have been amazing. All of our classes are designed by ability level, allowing everyone to work to their strengths. As our clients progress we aim to move them into a classes that will challenge them more.

“I cannot recommend Kelly’s classes strongly enough. After 40 years of frequent back pain, I now forget I ever suffered. Kelly is knowledgeable, individualises activities for each individual; she is sensitive, making sure adjusting an exercise is not embarrassing, and her classes are always enjoyable.”


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