At The Studio

We are very excited to be re-opening our doors at The Pilates Rehab Studio from May 17th 2021. We have made major changes to our studio since we were forced to shut due to Covid in 2020. We are now re -opening as a Pilates Mat / Reformer Studio. Our classes will run with a maximum of 6 clients in each session, allowing our amazing instructors to give you the 100% attention you deserve. We will be following strict Covid19 government recommendations at all times ensuring your safety whilst you are training with us.

Studio Price List

Pilates Mat Work

Pilates Reformer

Hatha Yoga

Pilates Mat Classes

Monthly Block Booking 4 classes = £40.00

(£10.00 per class)

Pilates Reformer Classes

Monthly Block Booking 4 classes = £72.00

(£18.00 per class)

Hatha Yoga Classes

Monthly Block Booking 4 classes = £40.00

(£10.00 per class)

Pilates Mat 1-1 sessions

£45.00 per 1 hour session

Pilates Reformer 1-1 session

£45.00 per 1 hour session

Hatha Yoga 1-1 sessions

£40.00 per 1 hour session

Pilates Mat Dual Sessions

£60.00 per 1hr session = £30.00 per person

Pilates Reformer Dual Sessions

£60.00 per 1hr session = £30.00 per person

Hatha Yoga Dual Sessions

£50.00 per 1hr session = £25.00 per person

All our classes are based on a 4-weekly block booking system, as we do not allow a weekly pay as you go payment option. This system will guarantee your space for the 4 week block, and will allow you the option to keep your space for the following 4 week block. We will always try to be accommodating if you cannot attend one week of your block, but this is totally reliant on a space being available within another class, and cannot be guaranteed. Payments for your class will be taken at the studio via card or cash during the first session of each block.

Pilates Reformer 1-1 or Dual Training

What is a Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer training was founded by Joseph Pilates during World War 1. He was an intern with other German nationals at the Knockaloe internment camp on the Isle of White. During this time he began developing his technique of physical fitness by teaching his fellow internees.  In the latter part of the war Joseph worked within a hospital, and was able to progress his techniques further by helping injured soldiers rehabilitate from the confinement of their hospital bed. He attached springs to their bed frame to help rebuild their muscle strength and joint mobility.

At the Pilates studio we currently own 7 Align Pilates Reformers and offer 1-1 training or dual training.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer Training:
  • Low impact training so its suitable for everyone of any age or size
  • Builds core strength and postural alignment
  • Improves spinal mobility and flexibility
  • Increases body awareness and coordination
  • Improves joint alignment and range of movement
  • Tones the entire body, and can isolate the smaller muscle groups that can normally get missed in the gym
  • It’s really good fun…………
Pilates Reformer

Small Group – Dual or 1-1 Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

At The Pilates Rehab Studio we appreciate and respect the benefits of Yoga and feel that Pilates and Yoga really compliment each other.

Hatha’ style yoga  primarily involves physical postures (or asanas). The intention of Hatha Yoga is to balance opposing energies in the body (i.e. male/female, yin/yang), as well as encouraging a positive mind-body connection.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional method that is suitable for all customers regardless of ability. It is a gentle approach which is taught at a slower pace with emphasis on breathing techniques, body alignment and relaxation. It is an excellent form of Yoga to build your body’s core strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga:
  • ​Helps to build lean muscle mass
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens and tones the body
  • Calms the central nervous system
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Improves and strengthens core stability
  • Relaxes the mind
  • ​Enhances sporting performance
  • Improves sleep
  • ​Enhances body awareness
Small Group – Dual or 1-1 Hatha Yoga

Small Group – Dual or 1-1 Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

At the Pilates Rehab Studio we aim to deliver all our classes to the highest standard and professionalism. We are committed to helping you achieve the best from your body regardless of age, gender, ability or restrictions through injury.

Through Stott Pilates methods we will help you improve your posture, joint mobility, core strength and stability and movement control. We will teach you all the Stott Pilates placements, followed by all the fundamental Pilates repertoire.

The Pilates Rehab Studio has designed a ladder of progression for our classes, working from level 1 – level 3. Our aim is to help you personally progress from a level 1 class up to a level 3, if you desire.

Benefits of Pilates:
  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Core strength + stability
  • Injury prevention
  • Relief from stress + back pain
  • Better posture
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Enhanced athletic conditioning
  • Effective post- rehabilitation
  • Heightened mind-body awareness
  • Increased self confidence
Small Group – Dual or 1-1 Mat Pilates

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